House of Dummies Haunted House!

I been bagged!OK, here they are, all on one page,
This might take a while but it is worth it!

emergency exit, if you really don't want to see any more!

the king must have lost his head, while he lay in bed.

who might that be attending the queen?
she seems to be having a head problem also.

awww, there are rats in my chow again...


look! it is the unspeakable! time to move on i think...

move along, now stop, turn left, no talking, stop that!
now get out of my sight or i will put you in chains!

no, we were not nice to bob...

i need someone to eat,
want to come for dinner?

kiss me!

i know who it is, really, don't mess with him.


happy birthday old girl!

who the hell?
guess what's on my mind?

oh no! it's the fuzzy guy!
where do we go now mr. fuzzy?
why is it so dark in here? why wont you let us out?

do you know her?

i hope that dragon leaves us some
tasty scraps from his dinner!

well, that's it, hope you liked the show.
if you did not get to see it in person,
you missed out on wisconsin's best,
the House of Dummies!

Let me out of here!
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