After a year of homelessness the dummies were back for Halloween 1999!
The millennium's last incarnation of the famous, the frightening, the fantastic,

House of Dummies
Haunted House

willard, the head dummy

thats right! no crybabies


Hundreds of dummy pictures! Take a look and see if your picture is on the web! There were pictures for two nights only:

You should open your web browser window to full screen before viewing the pictures!

The Location:
Mineral Point, bottom of High Street in the Sokol Crystal building, recently known as the Auction House.

The time and dates: 1999
October 22 & 23, 7PM to 10PM
October 29 & 30, 7PM to 10PM
Grand Finale - Halloween October 31 7PM to 9PM


You will join me?

The House of Dummies handing over all their cash from the 1999 haunting to the Mineral Point Opera House Restoration Project.

         Copyright 1996, Ken Matteson, hope he does not mind me using it...Let me out of here!
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