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Halloween 1999 Photo Gallery

These are all of the pictures that came out reasonable, taken at the House of Dummies on Halloween 1999. It is quite a large page of thumbnails (149 pictures) and will take a few minutes to load. If the Furry Guy gave you a card and told you that your picture will be on the web, this is where you will find it. Try and find your picture in the thumbnails and click on it, the larger image should appear. If you do not find your picture, it probably did not come out good enough for the web page (sorry - no crybabies!). There were a lot of fuzzy, blurry, dark, pictures. I recommend that you open your browser window up to full screen making the viewing area as large as possible.

You can use this photo gallery two ways, as described above, or just start at the start and click through all the pictures one by one. You will find arrows on each picture page, the arrow pointing left goes to the previous picture, the up arrow returns to this spot on this page, and the arrow pointing to the right goes to the next picture in the gallery.

Note that there are about 3.6 megs worth of pictures here so it may take a while to look at them all. I may make this gallery available on CD, if you are interested check back in a few weeks to see if it happens and what it will cost you or send e-mail to:

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Oct 29, 1999
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Oct 29, 1999