House of Dummies Haunted House - Mineral Point, Wisconsin

House of Dummies 2001 Photo Album
There are hundreds of photos - enjoy!
The world just got scarier...and so did we!
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Burn Halloween Dummies
If you would like a print of any photo you find on these pages, note the name of the photo at the upper left of each screen. The cost is $5. For info, e-mail: or contact willard or chuck - Want a CD of the House of Dummies? Ask for details.

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willard - head dummy
head dummy

WOW! Read this! Good News!

The Iowa County Humane Society was made a very generous offer by an anonymous donor before the House of Dummies opened this year. This kind person offered to match the money made by the House of Dummies for the ICHS! Up to $4500.00 !!  

ICHS has received a check from this anonymous donor!


Woohoo! We made a lot of money! Money made over expenses by the House of Dummies will be donated to the Iowa County Humane Society. They really need it as they are $10,000 in debt! We will tell you how much we made in a few days after we add up our expenses. Thank you to everyone who visited the House of Dummies and thank you to all the dummies who helped us. Thanks to Farmers Savings Bank for letting us use the building!

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