House of Dummies Haunted House!

Our frightful  leader!
These are images of what the House of Dummies has been up to in years past.

Let's start out in the graveyard!.

< Willard, Head Dummy!

Sitting on the graveyard bench Clowning around Maryann is laying around again another graveyard groupie
We don't know why but
Maryann just does not seem
to want to stay in her grave...

fuzz is a scary one, eh? Fuzz is such a cutie!

Where are we?
What's that?
a great picture of Wacker Think they are scared? Oh no!

It's Wacker!

Lost somewhere in the House of Dummies,
We never did find what happened to this guy
Never to be seen again...

"Let me show you to the House of Dummies"
Our mascott

please, save me....i hurt so much
OH! I am in so much pain.
Would you take some of it for me?

The crowd caught in the act in the tunnel of terror
This is a bunch of dummies who dared to tour the house and were caught in the tunnel of terror.
The tunnel is normally totally dark, you can not see anything at all. This is a flash picture.
It goes on and on in total darkness for many rooms and hallways, danger lurks at every corner.

Let me out of here!
take me to: